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One Size Fits ALL!

There is no one size that fits everybody! However, we try to cater for all types and sizes of customers as much as we can. Here are we are offering basic and affordable packages to start your marketing, get in touch with us to discuss your needs: 

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Social Media Packages 

Starter Package 

You cannot be offline anymore, you need to be there and this is why we are offering you this package:

- Content writing in one language (Submitted weekly) 

- 8 Social Media Designs 

- Publishing on 2 Channels

- Advertising 

Best Value Package 

Start scaling your business today with the most common package, which includes most of your needs: 

- Content writing in two languages

- 10 Social Media Designs 

- 4 Reels per month 

- Publishing on 3 channels 

- Advertising and page moderation 

- Monthly results reporting 

Need more? Let's talk

Let's discuss in details your marketing objectives and goals in a free 1-hour consultation session with one of our consultants, fill this form and let's talk:








Prices May vary based on industry and country. 

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